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China’s internet celebrity imperative, why brands need to pay up or lose out

Forget Chinese pop stars, actors and TV personalities – internet celebrities (locally referred to as wang hong) – are darlings of the country’s online media with millions of devoted fans. They’re the superstars of the internet, earning upwards of $21m a year – and that’s at the lower end of the scale.

Luxury Brands Need to Embrace These Digital Engagement Tactics or Become Irrelevant

There’s no doubt that the luxury industry relies heavily on tradition, from reputation to tried and tested production methods and a certain level of service which resonates with customers willing to spend significant amounts of money. And this strategy has largely paid off—until digital technology began its stellar rise across the globe. With the ubiquity… Read more »

Live Streaming: 5 Home Truths for Luxury Brands

The industry buzz around live streaming is getting louder all the time, and with luxury travel and other sectors getting in on the act, there’s a growing desire for the immediacy and authenticity of live video delivered directly to the user’s choice of device. If projected figures are to be believed, live streaming is set… Read more »

AI isn’t happening in the future, it’s happening now

I’ve been in the tech industry for eight years and have been lucky enough to play around with some cool technology like infrared touch screens, virtual reality, 3D motion capture, facial recognition and hologram displays. But none have piqued my interest more than AI. What it means to me I’ve always been fascinated with AI… Read more »

How brands are using VR to improve customer experience in China

Tech-enhanced customer experiences have always had a very receptive audience in China, and as a result, VR technologies are being widely embraced by both brands and platforms. China has the world’s biggest ecommerce market and by 2020, it will dominate the retail sector also, according to PwC. The sheer size of the country’s retail consumer market is… Read more »

How I made our AI chatbot more human

There has been a lot of buzz recently about AI chatbots and how brands can use them to engage with customers; there is no doubt that over time, they will continue to grow and become a more seamless part of everyday customer engagement. I wanted to give some insight into the creation of an AI… Read more »

What the West can learn from China about chatbot marketing

Microsoft’s Tay generated a lot of buzz when the robot debuted earlier this year. But brands like Ikea and Uber, Baidu and Microsoft and Tencent have been engaging bots for the Chinese and Asian markets for a lot longer than the West, and to a more receptive and positive audience. Chatbots are a hot topic… Read more »

How to make the Chinese consumer feel like a VIP customer

There’s no downturn in site on the ecommerce front as Chinese consumers continue to spend big on luxury goods. Despite China’s recent economic slowdown, consumer appetite for luxury goods shows no sign of abating. In fact, according to luxury product consulting firm Fortune Character, Chinese consumers bought almost half of the world’s luxury goods in… Read more »

How four brands used O2O for better retail sales in China

Online to offline (O2O) works particularly well for brands in China, because each channel helps to push sales through the other. Retail brands in China are successfully blurring the line between online and offline (O2O) consumer journeys, and mobile is a major factor. Mobile is now an integral part of shoppers lives. This is especially… Read more »