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WeChat mini programs, is it time to believe the hype?

Launched in 2017, WeChat mini programs have posed a major disruption to digital marketing in China. Now that mobile users are moving away from app downloads (according to analytics platform Umeng, the majority of mobile apps launched in China struggle to retain users), they’re increasingly popular with brands looking for a cost-effective way to reach… Read more »

China: Five fashion and beauty e-commerce platforms to know in 2018

Making sense of the huge number of e-commerce platforms in China is no easy task. However, thanks to forward-thinking strategies and a willingness to be creative in their approach, the fashion and beauty industry has been able to stay ahead of the game, think outside the box and choose the right cross-border platforms with the… Read more »

Choosing the right ecommerce platform

There are many ecommerce platform choices, but identifying which one best suits your business depends on what you want to get out of it. You need to make a fair comparison between platforms which offer the same level of solution. Simple ecommerce solutions Platforms such as Shopify offer a relatively simple solution, and there are… Read more »

What to consider before starting ecommerce in Asia

The list of ecommerce platforms in Asia is huge – it’s no wonder that businesses wanting to get involved in the market don’t always know where to start. You can’t assume that what works in a Western context will translate directly to an Asian platform. Just recently, Alibaba’s Chris Tung told Western companies not to… Read more »

Singles’ Day – key retail lessons from the world’s biggest shopping festival

Since e-commerce giant Alibaba decided to get involved, Singles’ Day on November 11 has become an increasingly significant date on the calendar for shoppers in China. It couldn’t be further from its origins, what started as a simple day where single people treat themselves is now a globally-recognised shopping festival, which has so far broken… Read more »

China’s internet celebrity imperative, why brands need to pay up or lose out

Forget Chinese pop stars, actors and TV personalities – internet celebrities (locally referred to as wang hong) – are darlings of the country’s online media with millions of devoted fans. They’re the superstars of the internet, earning upwards of $21m a year – and that’s at the lower end of the scale.

Luxury Brands Need to Embrace These Digital Engagement Tactics or Become Irrelevant

There’s no doubt that the luxury industry relies heavily on tradition, from reputation to tried and tested production methods and a certain level of service which resonates with customers willing to spend significant amounts of money. And this strategy has largely paid off—until digital technology began its stellar rise across the globe. With the ubiquity… Read more »

Live Streaming: 5 Home Truths for Luxury Brands

The industry buzz around live streaming is getting louder all the time, and with luxury travel and other sectors getting in on the act, there’s a growing desire for the immediacy and authenticity of live video delivered directly to the user’s choice of device. If projected figures are to be believed, live streaming is set… Read more »