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WeChat mini programs, is it time to believe the hype?

Launched in 2017, WeChat mini programs have posed a major disruption to digital marketing in China. Now that mobile users are moving away from app downloads (according to analytics platform Umeng, the majority of mobile apps launched in China struggle to retain users), they’re increasingly popular with brands looking for a cost-effective way to reach… Read more »

What the West can learn from China about chatbot marketing

Microsoft’s Tay generated a lot of buzz when the robot debuted earlier this year. But brands like Ikea and Uber, Baidu and Microsoft and Tencent have been engaging bots for the Chinese and Asian markets for a lot longer than the West, and to a more receptive and positive audience. Chatbots are a hot topic… Read more »

How brands use WeChat for impact and engagement

WeChat is China’s most indispensable app. Here is a look at how brands from Kate Spade to Chanel are using this versatile platform to market to Chinese consumers. When WeChat said it wanted to connect everything, it wasn’t kidding – from mobile messaging to health tech to interactive toys, the company seems to have it… Read more »

The Rise and Rise of WeChat

There is a reason why Tencent’s WeChat has 600 million users, and as it internationalizes, that figure is only set to increase. With 600 million monthly active users, no-one can be in any doubt that Tencent’s WeChat is a big deal in China. Its innovative transformation into becoming one of China’s leading communications platforms makes… Read more »

WeChat a must for western brands in China

Messaging app WeChat is something of a phenomenon. With around 600 million users, it is the largest standalone messaging app, and is currently ranked the fifth most popular mobile app in the world by Global Web Index, behind only Google Maps, G+, YouTube, and Facebook. The strength of its reach and influence is such that… Read more »

WeChat has launched sponsored moments

A small group of brands in China have been selected to test sponsored ads on WeChat’s Moments platform, showcasing new advertising opportunities for marketers on what has traditionally been a closed social networking platform. BMW’s short and simple ad appears in the WeChat Moments feed – similar to the way ads are displayed in Facebook’s… Read more »

Making WeChat work for brands

Just a year or so ago, WeChat was only used for private messages between friends. Today, it has become a multi-platform tool for private and public use. It’s tricky to predict what WeChat will be in the future, but here are some pointers on how to make the best use of its current format. What… Read more »