The mobile device is at the heart of the consumer experience. We offer mobile strategy for your Asian operation. Once we have helped you define what you need in mobile, we can then help you realise that strategy. We have ready-to-go solution for a fast go-to-market Asian mobile strategy (learn more about AppCommerce) and we also can support with bespoke design and builds be they native, hybrid or WeChat. Our team of mobile experts have the strategy and tech know-how to make mobile right for your business.

Multi-device responsive web

With a focus on really understanding the Chinese and Asian web experience, we delivery fully responsive websites across all devices with a mobile first approach. It’s about creating a great customer experience across devices that is seamless, smooth and inspiring to action. Our user experience architects create web experiences that focus on the user journey and are optimised for all devices.

Social strategy and Activation

Social media in Asia is complex, especially in China as the tools and strategies are very different to what we know in the West. Our local experts are social natives, content creators and digital idea activators. We will help you demystify social media for you on a pan-Asian or China specific level and support you in making it work for your business. We can help generate content and campaign ideas, or we can simply provide you with the tools to get your in-house team off to the right start.