How People Perceive You

The value of your company is determined by the perception people have toward it. Where does this perception come from? The way you dress, the things you do, the places you go, and things surround you make it who you are. If we take on lead of this process so that we can determine what we dress, how we speak, and what we do, we can create the desire perception in people’s mind. This is branding. In a business environment, your logo, business card, website and your other presence are what you dress, and the content you produce and the tone of voice of it is how you speak. By taking close attention to all these items, we can help you create your desired brand image in your target audience’s mind. Your true value will emerge.

The Process

Branding involves the study of a client’s business, the industry, and the culture of the target audience. This information will become the decision-making criteria for every step in the branding design process.

  • 1. Brand Audit

    We will look at clients’ existing presence on the market and how their competitors present themselves.

  • 2. Brainstorming

    Working together with the clients, we will sketch out loads of ideas that will carry out their brand positioning.

  • 3. Evaluation

    Ideas will be evaluated based on their expressiveness, feasibility, and sustainability.

  • 4. Refinement

    Evaluated ideas will be further revised or combines to make them closer meeting the requirements of the clients

  • 5. Mockup

    The new brand image will be applied to various media to test the applicability.

  • 6. Brand Guideline

    At last, a brand guideline will be created to help clients to maintain the new brand.

Case Studies

    Case One


    Case Two

    Iris Alexander

    Case Three