We believe in going BEYOND for our clients and our people. We see ourselves as an extension of your marketing teams, and believe it is our duty to not only to deliver on what we promise, but to extend a bit further and add real value, the kind you can’t put a price tag on, by way of connections and opportunities, that help our clients marketing dollars go just that little bit further.


We are lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most exciting brands, helping thtem to navigate the complex China digital landscape. We connect our brands to modern Chinese consumers through authentic conversations that maintain global brand integrity with a touch of local sensibility. We ARE your consumers in China – hence we know where we hangout, be it: Douyin, Little Red Book, bilibili, WeChat, Weibo, Zhihu. We hang with the KOL’s, and some of us are even KOC’s. There is no corner of the internet, we can’t help you unlock, oh and we also show-up IRL (in real life), via offline events and pop-ups.


Positivity is contagious and we believe in treating people right. Marketing is the business of humans and our humans are our capital. So, we treat them well, and ensure their minds and bodies are well rested, refreshed and revitalised to provide you with the best service. We are a team of 30, super passionate ‘ants’, many of us have worked together for 8 or more years, we love what we do, and we really enjoy making new connections. Join us for some ANTics (it’s not all work work work).